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Consultancy & Tree Inspection

Tree consultancy, surveys and reports provided throughout the UK.

Tree Surveys

Tree surveys gather factual information about a tree's condition and location etc. Apex Arb Training uses digital mapping, laser measuring devices, accurate to + - 4cm and sub-foot accurate GPS.

These maps can be provided in a variety of file formats or hard copies.

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Decay Detection

We use the very latest decay detection equipment to ensure an accurate assessment of the trees condition can be made.

This normally starts with the use of Sonic Tomography, which is the least invasive method. Sonic tomography works by measuring the speed of sound sent from a sender to a receiver. The information is turned into an image by the software, which can easily be analysed to identify areas of decay.

Electrical Resistance Tomography should be used in conjunction with sonic tomography, the extra information provided by ERT includes the detection of incipient decay (early stage decay) and the moisture content, which can be indicative of decay.

Drilling resistance tests are particularly good at detecting cracks and hollows, that tomography may assume are decayed wood. Drilling resistance may be used to verify the findings of the tomograph, but is limited in use due to it's invasive nature.

Increment borer / Fractometer  - An increment borer is used to extract a wood core, which can be visually analysed or by using the Fractometer 2, which tests wood stiffness and brittleness, therefore any degradation of the wood core can be measured against expected values of healthy core samples.


Further Analysis

The Picus Tree Motion Sensor System (TMS) is an advanced device designed
to monitor and measure the movement of trees.
Once defects have been
identified during the survey and quantified during decay detection the TMS
is used to assess the tree sway/root tilt movement.
The TMS has the added benefit of assessing the trees movement in relation
to other trees, buildings and other surrounding features.

Consultancy services including:

  • Tree safety surveys

  • Surveys for mortgage lenders

  • Utility surveys

  • BS5837 surveys 

Tree inspection services include:

  • Visual inspections

  • Decay detection, including the use of, both Sonic & Electrical Resistance Tomography, drilling resistance tests, core sampling and fractometer testing.

  • Disease analysis by use of diagnostic kits.

  • Root stability analysis (TMS).

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